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Vinasse is a final byproduct of the sugar industry. Sugarcane or Sugar beet is processed to produce crystalline sugar, pulp and molasses. The latter are further processed by fermentation to alcohol or Ascorbic acid and other products. For example, after the removal of the desired product (alcohol, Ascorbic acid, etc.) the remaining material is called vinasse. Vinasse is sold after a partial dehydration, usually it has a viscosity like molasses. Commercially-offered Vinasse comes either from sugar cane and is called cane-vinasse or from sugar beet and is called beet-vinasse.
In the process of distillation of the alcohol and as a result of the heating in the distillation process, in the pulp of the beet reactions of condensation and predominantly molecular ruptures take place. This causes a high fulvic acid concentration in this byproduct.


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